Myth of Brexit

During the Tory Party Conference in October last year, spoilt public schoolboy Jacob Rees-Mogg compared Brexit to the battle of Crécy, the battle of Agincourt, to the Magna Carta, “such a positive thing for our country” he said, but he was wrong; it may be a positive thing for a tiny minority, but all these battles he mentioned and even the Magna Carta were a disaster for England, especially for the young people who paid for them with their lives, their money or their freedom.

Myth of England was my best-selling book last year, but surprisingly it sold better in the USA than in the UK.  Perhaps the British don’t want their history spoiled.

So, I want to thank all my readers for buying my books, for reading them, and for giving me feedback, either on Amazon or directly.  Book sales increased more than 40% this year, so I am well on my way to sell a million books.myth-of-england-front-cover-only

Man with Book

Well, after correcting the pricing on my book, Man with Gun, which ended up being very expensive when I first set it up, and then reducing the pricing some more, and then sending a copy of the book to my guru sensei, John Slayton, master kendoka and all round good guy, I finally sold a first copy.  As anyone who has ever written a book, performed on stage or film or TV, or sung a song, knows, getting feedback is the only thing we respond to.  Positive feedback is easier to handle, but any feedback is AOK.  Especially if it is public: Amazon customer reviews are the ultimate support you can provide a writer, especially a new, and self-published writer.

So, many thanks to all my readers so far, and my new readers in particular.  I’m still on course to sell a million books before I die.Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00015]

The River of Gold

The Tax Man

I’ve finally finished my chapter on the importance of rivers to taxation.  I cover all the major river systems of the world, as well as the seas and oceans, mountains and deserts, from Mesopotamia and the Nile, the Dardanelles, the Mediterranean, the Danube and Rhine, the Baltic straits, the Channel, France, the Alps, the Niger, American rivers, the Pacific, Chinese and Indian, and the greatest river of all, the Internet.

Let me know which is your favourite river, and you can help me proof-read the section, and get an advance read of the work.


Thank you for all your feedback.

Tony Milne

Remembrance Sunday & the Myth of England

rear-joan-of-arc-from-vigiles_du_roi_charles_vii_10On this day of remembrance it is good to dwell on the sacrifice made by so many over so many years to make England what it is today.

Although some were volunteers, much of the sacrifice was forced.  Traditional histories dwell on those who did the forcing, and ignore the plight of those conscripted, usually because they were dead.  This book looks at those whose contribution was great, the English citizens, tax-payers, and soldiers who made England; the true England.

Myth of England is published today.