The River of Gold

The current coronavirus panic is a good moment to remember that the human population has surpassed 7 Billion, and it keeps on rising.  Whatever the personal tragedies, the lockdown will probably increase the population further and faster.  While we cannot colonise the Moon or another planet, our twin hopes lie in global warming and improvements in trade.

Transport, trade and taxation are the themes of the book I am currently promoting, The River of Gold.  We can be sure of one thing, taxes will keep rising.

Available on Amazon worldwide, The River of Gold hit the top 20 historical-geography books on this week (No 17).  Do visit and share your reviews if you have any comment to make.

It also has its own video – check it out on YouTube and leave your comments and likes.

Remote working and online shopping

With everyone at home and restricted to online shopping for non-essentials, my books are selling better than ever.  Tax Man is in the top 30 books on evolution, although perhaps Gifts from the Gods might also be appropriate in the circumstances.  Kindle sales arer best, but Amazon’s ability to deliver paperbacks should not be forgotten.  My kettle broke and I had to buy a new one.  No shop is open for such essentials, but Amazon delivered within 24 hours.  It’s not surprising that they survive when many commercial dinosaurs are extinct, but then, if you read Tax Man, nothing will ever be a surprise again.

30 - 9 april 2020

Myth of England – post-Brexit edition

Brexit means Brexit, and it also means a fully up-to-date new edition of Myth of England, full of Boris’ buccaneering Britons and Anglian alliterative allusions.  Read in detail how the wicked Normans, French and the brussely Belgians colonised the brave Anglo-Saxons, only to find that they preferred living in England and stayed here.  Learn how later Englishmen remembered fondly their ancestors’ stories of women, food and warm weather, and decided to visit once again.  Seethe, as the evil Europeans banned our armies from entering without a Visa, and rejoice, when we knocked down their border barriers and hit the bars, the beaches and the bistros.  It’s all in here, the finest book to hit the bookshops this morning, in black and white, the way books used to be before MTV.


Amazon USA

but also available on all amazon websites, and all good bookshops.myth-of-england-front-cover-only

The Tax Man arrives !

If you were expecting the Tax Man on April 5th, then this is a different one.  The Tax Man is the book you have been waiting for, if only to finally shut me up going on about taxation all the time.  It’s a big book.  It covers our development from our first evolution to the complex societies we take for granted.  Available on Amazon, many other online and all fine book stores.  the_tax_man-final-cover-only

The Tax Man – Poster at Social History Conference

Many thanks to all who helped me prepare for my poster presentation at the Social History Society Annual Conference, as well as to all who saw, read and commented on it.  I received useful insights on the message, its communication (in French and Spanish as well as in English) and academic presentations.  As a result, I will spend more time tightening the communication part, before starting to write more works (The Great British Bible that I have already promised).poster small

Gifts from the Gods

Gifts from the Gods - front onlyTo celebrate World Book Day, I published yesterday Gifts from the Gods (here on and here on  Following The River of Gold, in which I describe the importance of rivers for trade and taxation, Gifts follows the items of trade, from their initial exploitation by Homo sapiens to our conquest of the planet.  Starting with obsidian, the first gift traded widely, the book follows Tax Man’s social and physical development, his industrialisation of salt production, the evolution of money.  Tax-collectors, tax-payers, avoiders and evaders affected the political geography at each stage of his development.  While the gifts remained atomic, they were relatively easy to transport and tax.  The book finishes with those electronic gifts which make up the vast majority of value traded today, and tax-collectors’ attempts to profit from them.

First customers have already bought Gifts from the Gods, which is now available from your local amazon web-site, and all good book stores.  Please do let me know what you think, and help to spread the word with your reviews on Amazon or Goodreads.