Myth of England – post-Brexit edition

Brexit means Brexit, and it also means a fully up-to-date new edition of Myth of England, full of Boris’ buccaneering Britons and Anglian alliterative allusions.  Read in detail how the wicked Normans, French and the brussely Belgians colonised the brave Anglo-Saxons, only to find that they preferred living in England and stayed here.  Learn how later Englishmen remembered fondly their ancestors’ stories of women, food and warm weather, and decided to visit once again.  Seethe, as the evil Europeans banned our armies from entering without a Visa, and rejoice, when we knocked down their border barriers and hit the bars, the beaches and the bistros.  It’s all in here, the finest book to hit the bookshops this morning, in black and white, the way books used to be before MTV.


Amazon USA

but also available on all amazon websites, and all good bookshops.myth-of-england-front-cover-only

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