Myth of Brexit

During the Tory Party Conference in October last year, spoilt public schoolboy Jacob Rees-Mogg compared Brexit to the battle of Crécy, the battle of Agincourt, to the Magna Carta, “such a positive thing for our country” he said, but he was wrong; it may be a positive thing for a tiny minority, but all these battles he mentioned and even the Magna Carta were a disaster for England, especially for the young people who paid for them with their lives, their money or their freedom.

Myth of England was my best-selling book last year, but surprisingly it sold better in the USA than in the UK.  Perhaps the British don’t want their history spoiled.

So, I want to thank all my readers for buying my books, for reading them, and for giving me feedback, either on Amazon or directly.  Book sales increased more than 40% this year, so I am well on my way to sell a million books.myth-of-england-front-cover-only

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