Man with Book

Well, after correcting the pricing on my book, Man with Gun, which ended up being very expensive when I first set it up, and then reducing the pricing some more, and then sending a copy of the book to my guru sensei, John Slayton, master kendoka and all round good guy, I finally sold a first copy.  As anyone who has ever written a book, performed on stage or film or TV, or sung a song, knows, getting feedback is the only thing we respond to.  Positive feedback is easier to handle, but any feedback is AOK.  Especially if it is public: Amazon customer reviews are the ultimate support you can provide a writer, especially a new, and self-published writer.

So, many thanks to all my readers so far, and my new readers in particular.  I’m still on course to sell a million books before I die.Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00015]

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